• 360 Degree View Camera
  • Automatic Sliding Gate System
  • Baggege/Luggage Scanner
  • Fire Alarm and Safety System
  • Swing Gate System
  • UVIS
  • Explosive Detector
  • CCTV
  • Electric Fence System
  • Hotel Lock
  • 360 Degree View Camera
  • Access Control System

KlizLu CompSec Nig. Ltd. provides many services, such as update, analysis, advice, and customer consulting to the world’s leading suppliers in Security Gadgets, information technology and communications. The other type of customers we provide these services include the foremost organizations in Police, Prison, Immigration, Oil Companies, Government Ministry, Paralstatals, Residentials and Commercial Places.


Hideous crimes are committed daily in our society here and there, the prison yards are filled to their brims with criminals. In some cases their victims are found dead or valuable never found again; this trend in the western world has drifted with an upsurge to Nigeria and Africa as a whole our society must be secured and this is the mission of KlizLu CompSec Nig. Ltd. Crimes must be prevented in our society, our lives and properties need to be protected to ensure better business environment, Africa must be protected from crimes, Nigeria must be protected, our society must be crime free, Why can't we all contribute to secure our various home, office, business environment with Real-Time Video Cameras and other Security Gadgets that could catch the event before its happened!!!