• Electric Fence System
  • Baggege/Luggage Scanner
  • CCTV
  • UVIS
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Alarm and Safety System
  • Explosive Detector
  • 360 Degree View Camera
  • Hotel Lock
  • Swing Gate System
  • Automatic Sliding Gate System
  • 360 Degree View Camera


 Automatic Door Operator/Opener

With several types of operators and innumerable panel drawings, each available with or without side fixed panels, DORMA ST systems can adapt to any requirement or architectural concept. DORMA ST sliding door systems can be configured to satisfy any and all specification where functionality, operating sequences, visual aspect, stability and the thermal stability are needed.



The DORMA TST range of automatic telescopic sliding doors offers great flexibility in design where a wide opening door is required but the space available is limited. Like all DORMA automatic doors, the range is highly reliable and has been designed with special attention to the users convenience and safety.
The TST range includes:

  • DORMA FTST-R, an automatic sliding door of standard frame panels for emergency exits and escape routes.
  • DORMA TST-G, an automatic telescopic sliding door of fine-framed panels, providing a 'all-glass' appearance.
  • DORMA TST-G ISO, an offers the same features as the TST-G but is constructed with double glazing.
  • DORMA TST-R, an automatic sliding door with standard frame panels.



Automatic sliding doors with breakout from DORMA fit into different structural openings, satisfy a variety of demands and can be adapted to suit individual requirements. Powerful DORMA ES door operators are characterised by their fast, smooth motion cycles, minimal noise emission and exceptional user friendliness. ES operators, with which the door sets presented here are equipped, have that extra capacity reserve which means that they continue to perform efficiently even when put under strain.
With DORMA SST automatic sliding doors with breakout, not only the door panels but also the side screens are pivot mounted to swing out when needed - without the need to disengage any locks. This doubles the through-passage width of the doorway - a decisive advantage not only in emergencies but also in certain everyday situations. The breakout function for the sliding panels and side screens is also approved in most countries as a viable solution for emergency exits.



DORMA BST automatic curved sliding doors are an ideal solution for rendering your entrances both enticing and individual. The doors can

be designed as outwardly or inwardly curved semi-circles and segments, as full circle configurations, as oval and double-segment units, or as

tailored constructions using any combination of these basic shapes. The door systems are manufactured as either concave or convex

assemblies. Coordinated to the architectural concept of the overall building, DORMA BST automatic curved sliding doors can be designed either

as noticeable features or architecturally coordinated to harmonise with the overall styling of the facade.



The DORMA RST spacesaver door performs a swivel movement. The pivot centres are located off-centre, below and above the door opening. This gives minimum space swept by the door leaves. DORMA RST space-saver doors are supplied in standard sizes ready to install. (If desired, installation and commissioning by DORMA.) They meet high standards of safety and reliability, and can also be used on emergency escape routes, since they can be opened like a normal hinged door. If the automatic operator is not switched on, the door can be manually opened without trouble.



If the door opening is narrow or if there is not much depth available - or both - then DORMA Automatic Folding Doors may well be the ideal answer. They ensure maximum utilisation of structural widths - with clear passage widths of almost the same dimension. They do not swing out when opened and their depth is only a quarter of the clear passage width.
The DORMA Automatic Folding Door range includes not only FFT standard doors but also FFT-F doors for emergency exits and escape routes. The system offers a wide range of sizes to ensure maximum cost-efficiency for each individual solution. The doors are supplied ready to fix and can be installed and commissioned by a DORMA team if required