• Access Control System
  • Electric Fence System
  • Automatic Sliding Gate System
  • CCTV
  • 360 Degree View Camera
  • Swing Gate System
  • Baggege/Luggage Scanner
  • Explosive Detector
  • Hotel Lock
  • 360 Degree View Camera
  • UVIS
  • Fire Alarm and Safety System

X-ray Luggage Scanning Machine

It is used for checking luggage in airport, train station and hotel for security purpose.


1. Alarm by sounds & light: Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition. 

2. Network interface: Could be connect local area network and support multi-terminal check baggage at same times
3. Safety ray: Transmit ray under automatic control, avoids the miss
4. Image monitoring for user-friendly: The monitor use fold, rotary system, operators adjusts the monitor position willfully according to own need, reduces wearily.
5. Simple operation by mouse: Without keyboard and work table, control by mouse, save space.
6. Turn off by a key control: Turn off the machine only need one step: Revolves the key. The equipment automatic security close-down, does not need complex many steps, is simpler.
7. Eagle-eye: Could be expediently observing enlargement area.
8. Estimate malfunction by self: Automatic estimate malfunction and prompt message, helpful for the maintenance.

NEW!Environment x ray luggage scanner WE-XS10080
1. Wireless keyboard
2. Advanced Image Processing System
3. Advanced hardware

Other Function :
Date and Time show, Operation condition show, Image minimize show ;
Luggage calculation show, Emergency stop indication, Operation self diagnose ;
Website connection system, Operation and X-ray spray time calculation ;
Software update ;

Where To Use:
Airports, seaport and public transportations
Banks and financial institutions
Schools and sports stadiums
Churches and lecture halls
Hospital ER and MRI room
Hotels, conference centers and casinos
Courthouses, police facilities and government
Prisons and jails
Embassies and broadcast studios
Power plant and research center.

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