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Theft detector also known as electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing stealing or shoplifting from Supermarkets, Retail stores, Pharmacies or pilferage of books from libraries.

An EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance system consists of three key security system components. The first component is the detection system

(1) The detection system: 

(1) The equipment located at a stores entrance and exit that alarms if a security tag/Barcode label is not removed or deactivated. The detection system can take many forms but is most commonly comprised of two detection antennas on either side of a door.

(2) Security tag/Barcode label is attached to the item that is to be protected from theft. There are different types of security tag/barcode label that can be attached to an item by a variety of methods. The two most popular methods of attaching security tags are using a thumbtack like pin connected to a security hard alarm tag or applying a stick-on security label (soft tag) to a smooth flat surface on the item. Soft tags can only be used once while hard tags can be reused and may last for decades. The security tag is neutralized by the third component which can either be a hard tag detacher or a soft tag deactivator.

A hard tag detacher is the mechanism used to remove the pin from a security hard tag. There are many types of hard tag detachers to correspond with the different types of hard tag. A soft tag deactivator is the machine used to turn off or deactivate a soft tag/Barcode label. The two main categories of deactivator are Checkpoint and Sensormatic, these are names of manufacturers. Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems deactivators and detachers are for the most part not compatible.

In summation, a customer will walk in to a store through a pair of security antennas. They will select a tagged item from the sales floor. The customer will bring this item up to the sales counter where the tag will be neutralized by either being removed in the case of the hard tag or turned off in the case of the soft tag. The customer can now leave the store without setting of the detection system alarm.

-    At the exits of the Supermarket/Retail store, a detection system called “Dual Antenna” sounds an alarm or otherwise alerts the staff when it senses that someone has stolen an item without paying for it.

-    When a TAG OR LABEL is attached to an item, it can be deactivated by swiping it over a pad called “CHECKPOINT SECURITY LABEL DEACTIVATOR”   that "tells" the tag it's been authorized to leave the store. If the item has not been deactivated or detached by the sales person or clerk, when it is carried through the gates, an alarm will sound notifying the sales person, clerk or security personnel that someone has stolen an item from the store.


-       The theft detector not only reduce stealing or shoplifting but also to help;

-       Increase Income

-       Lower labor costs

-       Speed Inventory

-       Improve stockroom logistics

-       Replace inventory record- book keeping