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Under Car Search Mirrors

It is ideal for rapid search, and for viewing in hard-to-see areas.

The Stealth Search Mirrors offer excellent security when there is a requirement to view under vehicles, around corners, and in ceilings.

Under Vehicle Search Mirror offers the best advantage for viewing the undercarriage of vehicles.

Standard Features

1. It is fitted with a convex mirror of 11 inch. (for wide angle image.) Larger dia mirror of 14 / 16 inches also available.

2. Fixed on the flat steel platform mounted on 4 no. poly carbonate caster wheels. 

3. Suitable foam padded protection for Mirror is also available (Optional).

4. Wooden Shock resistant Packing box for the system (Optional).

A large 12 in. (30 cm) convex mirror along with the aid of a bright 4 LED light assembly, provides the operator an easy and quick view.

This mirror was specifically chosen for its low-profile convex shape that provides a more realistic image, unlike the images normally associated with many convex mirrors.

To enhance the specially designed convex mirror's image reflection, the mirror is tilted towards the operator, providing a direct, clear view of the image.


• 12 in. Diameter (30 cm) convex mirror tilted for easy viewing

• Bright LED light bar (x2), 15hrs run time . 

• Quick change standard 9v (x2) batteries located inside the pole

• Foam hand grip

• Deluxe swivel caster (x3)

• Mil spec water tight push button switch.

• Telescopic, non-rotational, black anodized pole (4 sections)

• Length 25” to 66” (63.5 cm to 167.5cm), non-rotational telescopic pole (5 pc.)

• Weight: 7.0 lbs ( 3.2 kg)